Understanding Computers

Who from you do not know the computer? of course, before getting to know more we must understand what the computer itself is, right? Well, a tool that can be used by multiple functions has been widely known to all people of old age, young and even children.

In sophisticated times such as now computers have been widely used in various fields of work such as in the mini market, offices, banks, schools, it has become a trend today every home even has computers of various types such as desktop computers, laptops, and notebooks. although some just use computers for entertainment facilities such as playing games, listening to music, watching videos and many others.

But with an understanding of this object or tool that has multi-function everyone thinks having a computer is a long step for future progress.

Understanding computers

understanding of computers in general is a tool used to process data according to a formulated procedure where the computer itself is an electronic device consisting of several components that work together to form a working system that can run the work automatically based on the sequence of instructions or programs given to it so that it can produce information based on existing programs and data. the definition of the meaning of computers has undergone several changes following the development of the computer itself, the word computer comes from the Greek word "Computare" which means taking into account or combining together. the word "com" means combining in mind or mentally, while the word "putare" means thinking about calculation or merging. in English "To Compute" which means counting.
Understanding Computers
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Computer function

while for the computer function itself, I take the example in general & I feel personally as a means of communication, a means to facilitate work, as a means of entertainment, business facilities, as a means of education, the control means, information facilities and many functions not say it. therefore if in terms of employment at a time like now someone cannot use a computer and know the various functions of the computer to speed up its performance will be very inhibiting in the work. because almost all fields of work mostly use computerized system assistance.

If you are looking for or want to buy a desktop computer device the best thing you have to do is determine in advance what goals and needs are with the computer that you are going to buy. whether the computer is used to work every day, just to play games, or will be used to open the internet. by knowing from the beginning the desire and purpose of your goals towards a computer device will make it easier for you to determine what kind of computer you will buy later.

Determine what OS (Operating system) you want to use. We recommend that you adjust your skills in skills and habits in using this os. There are several types of computer operating systems including Microsoft Windows or Macintosh. Windows platform you can get at a cheaper price but has a pretty good speed. Think ahead of time whether your computer will be used for what purpose? as we have discussed, look for references to your friends and relatives and colleagues about what computers they have, where they buy and whether they often have problems with the computers they buy and ask if they are happy or satisfied with the computers they have.

Do not choose a computer just based on cheap prices, but you will often get problems later. you better buy at a reasonable price but you can use it for a long time. In choosing a memory (RAM), you should choose as hard as you can to support the program or application that you will install on the computer, in the past RAM size of 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB. but now the RAM size is increasing as the computer itself develops like 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB Up to 16 GB at a price that is quite cheap than when the computer is still a rare item.

Look for a BUS that has 2 USB or FireWire connections or also called an IEEE 1394 connection, bigger than better. this will connect supporting devices such as PDAs, Digital cameras, Printers, Scanners, Camcorders, and in-game functions. Look for a computer that already has a CD / DVD RW, but can also be used as a CD / DVD player, you can also use CD / DVD RW to store data on a CD / DVD besides that you can also watch videos from the CD / DVD Player.

Choose the type of computer hardware that comes from a large company so that you will get full trust in service and warranty if one day there is a problem with your computer. Use a high-quality VGA Card (graphics) and sound card (sound card). there are some software and games that require high specifications in using a VGA Card. Currently, average games and software require high hardware specifications to be able to run. In choosing a hard drive (where to save files), you should choose a capacity that is large enough so that all files such as photos, videos, music and other data can be stored freely. hard disk capacity has now reached terabyte size. So maybe about just a reference for those of you who will buy a desktop computer so that it is not far from the appropriate desires if to explain more in-depth about the selection of components seems to be very long and very long.

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